Nelson Mandela, Nhamatanda and Eduardo Mondlane schools take top honors in the 2021 Academic Marathon.

Seven secondary schools sent teams to participate in this year’s 2021 Academic Marathon. The students came from schools in the districts of Gorongosa, Nhamatanda and Cheringoma.

Now in its third year, the marathon is designed to increase student awareness and knowledge of Gorongosa National Park and encourage a love and passion for environmental conservation. This year’s questions focused on the history of Gorongosa National Park, its scientific studies, the wildlife restoration process, and the biology of the local plants and animals.

After a tough competition between the participants, the Nelson Mandela General Secondary School of Gorongosa was recognized as the winner of the 2021 Academic Marathon, followed by General Secondary School of Nhamatanda receiving 2nd place honors and General Secondary School Eduardo Mondlane of Gorongosa winning 3rd place.

Prizes included computers, medals, telephones, books and school materials to help the students achieve their educational goals.

The marathon is sponsored by USAID Mozambique and organized by the Gorongosa Youth Club program.

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