BSU, Gorongosa Park strengthen education and student exchange programs.

BSU President Marlene Tromp engages with a pangolin at the Gorongosa Pangolin Rehabilitation Center. Photo: Piotr Naskrecki.

(Mozambique) – Officials from Gorongosa National Park and Boise State University spent eight days together in August, exploring future education, research and exchange opportunities for the next generation of students from Mozambique and the state of Idaho.

Boise State University President Dr. Marlene Tromp and Vice President of University Affairs and Chief of Staff Alicia Estey visited the Gorongosa Science Department, toured the E.O. Wilson Laboratory, and spent some personal time with a pangolin at the Gorongosa Pangolin Rehabilitation Center. The two BSU officials also met with students from Gorongosa Park and Boise State University, including eight alumni who were in camp during their stay.

From left: (1) Gorongosa Tour Guide and BSU student Gabriella Curtiz visits with BSU President Marlene Tromp in Mozambique. (2) Gabi and Dr. Tromp enjoy a beautiful sunset in Gorongosa Park; and Dr. Tromp and Vice President Estey visit the new Muzimu Lodge. Photos: Piotr Naskrecki

President Tromp and Vice President Estey’s visit allowed the university’s top two officials to better understand the Park’s scientific research, human development and sustainable development programs.

“We are always very happy to have our academic partners visit us,” said Associate Communications Director Larissa Sousa.  “Together, we can build on our existing activities and discuss future projects in science and development.”

What little free time they had was spent cycling to the communities of Vinho and Bebedo and going on an excursion to Mount Gorongosa’s waterfalls. Other excursions included taking in a sundowner at the Sungue viewpoint, a picnic by Lake Urema and a beautiful sunset at the new Muzimu Lodge.

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