Canada pledges $5 million CAD for Gorongosa PEACE project.

The Canadian government will invest $5 million CAD over five years to improve the living conditions and create an environment of peace, harmony and an inclusive government in the communities bordering Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Africa.

The project – “Peace through Economic Action and Community Empowerment” (PEACE) – calls for an integrated and community-centered approach to fight poverty and include communities in the decision-making process about their lives.

PEACE places a special focus on expanding the economic livelihoods of women and girls and increasing their access to basic social services including healthcare and education.

“This project is an opportunity to empower some of the area’s poorest and most vulnerable in an environment of peace and inclusive governance,” said Greg Carr, president of the Gorongosa Restoration Project, “especially women and girls.”

PEACE aligns with the priorities of the Mozambican government, which includes:

• Improving access to quality education and health services;

•Improving employment and economic livelihoods through the development of skills and the value chain of locally produced products; and

•Strengthening the involvement of men and women in community development committees.

The initiative was launched in late September during a special ceremony led by Sofala Province Secretary of State Stela Novo Zeca, Canadian High Commissioner Carolina Delaney, Gorongosa National Park Warden Pedro Muagura, Gorongosa Restoration Project President Greg Carr, and Gorongosa and Cheringoma district administrators.

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