Gorongosa Peace Clubs honor Peace Day in Mozambique.

Members of the Peace Clubs of Gorongosa Village celebrated Peace Day with a visit to Gorongosa National Park. Peace Day is marked every year on the 4th of October in Mozambique. Participants took advantage of the opportunity to discuss matters related to peace and the social well-being of communities, as well as their contribution to the conservation of biodiversity.

Since education is the fundamental element for the preservation of peace, the Gorongosa Peace Club program provides education and literacy opportunities for adults and young people, with emphasis on ex-combatants, their families and communities. Participants are given a safe space to share such as their experiences, life stories and perspectives for the future.

In addition to accessing education, beneficiaries participate in livelihood programs implemented by the Gorongosa Park Sustainable Development Department, such as agriculture, forestry, ecotourism, fishing, beekeeping and other programs.

The meeting between members of the various Peace Clubs opened an opportunity for the interaction between citizens reintegrated in the scope of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration process and their community peers.

The Peace Safari was attended by 10 members of the Gorongosa Peace Club (Matucudiro e Cologio Nova Jerusalem), five members of the Park’s education sector, one technician from the Education Service of the District of Gorongosa and one DDR Focal Point, representing RENAMO.

The Gorongosa Peace Club initiative was launched as a way to reaffirm everyone’s commitment to peaceful and lasting coexistence.

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