Vila Gorongosa 2030: A framework for sustainable development.

The transformation of Vila Gorongosa into a model village in terms of climate, space and sustainability is officially underway according to agreements signed this fall between Vila Gorongosa and the Gorongosa Restoration Project.

Mozambique is the 10th most vulnerable country in the world to disaster according to the 2014 World Risk Report. Central Mozambique and Sofala Province in particular have endured several shocks in the last five years including civil unrest and drought in 2015 and 2016. In 2019, Cyclone Idai directly affected food security and income generation for families living in the province. Cyclone Eloise and Tropical Storm Chalane followed in late 2020 and early 2021, posing additional challenges to local governments and communities.

To address the issue, UN-Habitat and the Gorongosa Restoration Project signed an agreement in the fall of 2020 to help local communities and governments become more resilient, engage in sustainable development, balance territorial growth and preserve the biodiversity of Gorongosa National Park.

Development of a Joint Vision and Master Plan for Vila Gorongosa – which includes climate adaptation and sustainable urban and territorial development –  is a key deliverable.

The agreement also included commitments to involve local governments and community members in the process and make sure the necessary policies, procedures, design practices, quality assurance standards and project management principles are met when constructing infrastructure or delivering public services.

For the next year, face-to-face events and several online meetings followed between the Municipality of Gorongosa, the Gorongosa Restoration Project, UN-Habitat and local community members as they came together to define a Joint Vision for Vila Gorongosa and a Sustainable Development Framework to turn Vila Gorongosa into a model village. The approach was fully participatory, with the involvement of several institutions and partners active in the territory.

Delivery of the 2030 Vila de Gorongosa – Sustainable Development Framework on September 27 of this year marks the completion and transfer of responsibility for implementing the plan.

The event was attended by the Mayor of Gorongosa, a representative of the Gorongosa Restoration Project and the head of UN-Habitat.

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