Dondo and Nhamatanda districts create Community Conservation Areas.

Stella Zeca, Sofala Secretary of State

The Sofala districts of Dondo and Nhamatanda are in the process of creating Community Conservation Areas.

Mozambican Secretary of State Stella Zeca encouraged the communities to recognize the ecological value and protect and conserve their local resources, and establish sustainable use and management models to increase community income.

Both communities held public input meetings in August to hear reactions to the proposal from different groups.

Community Conservation Areas ensure the maintenance and protection of conservation, aesthetic, historical and cultural values, as well as to improve the socioeconomic situation of local communities, through the generation of special and sustainable use of natural resources.

Community boards and management committees representing each community will manage their local conservation areas.

Proposals for the creation of the Community Conservation Areas were discussed in the city of Beira, Sofala province and involved community leaders, members of civil society from the Provincial Government, the Districts of Dondo and Nhamatanda and universities.

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