Preventing wildlife crime through training.

Mozambique has seen a process of legal reform of the Penal Code and the Conservation Law. These changes are brought to address a lack of uniformity in the application of the law, and to help facilitate collaboration between stakeholders, in order to strengthen their ability to work together effectively.

The National Conservation Areas Administration (ANAC) in conjunction with Gorongosa National Park (GNP) and in partnership with the Public Ministry, Judicial Court, Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) and Criminal Investigation Services (SERNIC), held \ training seminars on crimes against wildlife between June 6 – 13 in Gorongosa and Cheringoma districts of Sofala Province. The training was attended by judges, attorneys for the Republic of Mozambique, commanders of the PRM, SERNIC directors, ANAC inspectors and the Park’s lawyer.

This seminar was also attended by Dr. Carolina Azarias, Distinguished Provincial Prosecutor of Sofala, Dr. Benjamina Maria da Graça, Domingos Chaves, Provincial Director, SERNIC-Sofala and Dr. Jorge Gimo, Provincial Chief Prosecutor of Manica.

Wildlife Crime Prevention Seminar Participants at Gorongosa National Park.

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