Mozambique Minister of Health visits Gorongosa National Park.

Mozambican Minister of Health Armindo Tiago paid a working visit to the Gorongosa National Park this past week (May 6, 2021) to learn about Gorongosa Park’s Health Sector plan.

The Park’s goals for health care include ensuring the health and well-bring of families who live around the Park, increasing the areas covered by the health program to include the districts of Maríngué and Marromeu, opening more water holes and training more health activists to support community health education.

During his visit, the health minister highlighted several of his priorities for the coming year which includes expansion of the health network “Um district – a hospital”; improving community subsystems based on the Multipurpose Elementary Health Agent model and warehouse construction for hospital units in each district.

It should be noted that the minister’s visit was marked by a warm welcome from the inspectors and other workers of Gorongosa National Park as well as members of the Gorongosa District Government, including representatives of the District Health Services.

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