Wild Elements taps Dominique Gonçalves to serve as inaugural WILD Innovator.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Dominique Gonçalves will serve as a “WILD Innovator“ and will use a two-year, $100,000 grant from the WILD ELEMENTS Foundation to continue her elephant ecology studies, develop human / wildlife co-existence strategies, and inspire young women to explore careers in science and education.

The project also involves partnering with a “WILD Advocate” (artist and influencer) to increase global awareness of the environmental challenges facing our world today. Ms. Gonçalves currently manages Gorongosa Park’s Elephant Ecology Program.

Ms. Gonçalves said: “I am enthused to work alongside the WILD ELEMENTS Foundation, an organization working to uplift and support local, women-led conservation work, indigenous communities, and people of color on the frontlines of conservation. I am extremely honored to be part of the inaugural class of grantees, a group of inspirational women”.
Dominique Gonçalves during an elephant collaring operation at Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

WILD ELEMENTS is a purpose-first platform dedicated to accelerating conservation efforts and scaling global environmental change by promoting and protecting humankind, animalkind, and plantkind. WILD ELEMENTS Foundation is a nonprofit that invests in change through advocacy and philanthropy—infusing resources into planet saving efforts led by women, indigenous individuals, and people of color.

The WILD ELEMENTS Foundation is starting with an initial investment of $3 million into sustainability and conservation organizations, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Deemed WILD Innovators by the Foundation, ten women-led projects from across the globe will be partnered with WILD Advocates (artists and influencers) who will utilize their digital platforms to bring much-needed awareness to new audiences. Each WILD Innovator is receiving a two-year, $100,000 grant for her work. Please see below for the inaugural list of WILD Innovators:

• Dominique Gonçalves, Mozambique (Gorongosa National Park – Elephant Ecology Program and doctoral candidate at the University of Kent, UK)
• Richelle Thomas, United States (Protect Medicinal Plants at the University of Arizona)
• Abigail Williams and Jayne Goss, United Kingdom (Farm Urban)
• Erika Allen and Laurell Sims, United States (Urban Growers Collective)
• Dr. Krithi Karanth, India (Centre for Wildlife Studies)
• Genesis Butler, United States (Youth Climate Save)
• Sheila Funnell, Kenya (Grevy’s Zebra Trust)
• Rosamira Guillen, Colombia (Proyecto Titi)
• Resson Kantai Duff, Kenya (Ewaso Lions)
• Dr. Adriana Verges, Australia (Operation Posidonia at UNSW Sydney)

About WILD Elements Foundation
The WILD ELEMENTS Foundation, a conscious catalyst for change, accelerates efforts to restore our global ecosystem. The Foundation is fueled by the Power of Three—a symbiotic union between Animalkind, Humankind, and Plantkind , because one can’t thrive without the other. By diversifying funding and leveraging creative storytelling, the Foundation makes every grant exponentially more impactful–advancing and scaling environmental change. For more information on the WILD ELEMENTS Foundation, including planned charitable activities, visit foundation.wildelements.com, and visit WILD ELEMENTS on social media @wildelements.

About the Gorongosa Project
Gorongosa National Park (GNP) in Mozambique is perhaps Africa’s greatest wildlife restoration story. In 2008, a 20-year Public-Private Partnership was established for the joint management of GNP between the Government of Mozambique and the Carr Foundation (Gorongosa Restoration Project), a US nonprofit organization. In 2018, the Government of Mozambique signed an extension of the joint management agreement for another 25 years. By adopting a 21st Century conservation model of balancing the needs of wildlife and people, Gorongosa is protecting and saving this beautiful wilderness, returning it to its rightful place as one of Africa’s greatest national parks. GNP has been described as one of the most diverse parks on Earth, covering a vast expanse of 400,000 hectares. In recent years, the Gorongosa Project, with the support of Mozambique’s National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), has ensured the protection of a recovering population of lions in this system, successfully reduced key threats, and has been recognized as one of National Geographic’s “Last Wild Places” and by TIME Magazine as one of the “World’s Greatest Places – 2019”.
If you would like to schedule an interview with those involved in the project, please call Vasco Galante at +258 822970010 (WhatsApp) or email vasco@gorongosa.net. For information about the Elephant Ecology Project, visit: https://gorongosa.org/elephant-ecology-project/. For more general information, visit http://www.gorongosa.org. You may follow the daily activities of Gorongosa National Park here: https://www.facebook.com/gorongosa/.

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