Investing in sustainable forest practices.

Muanza and Cheringoma Districts, in Sofala Province are part of a forest corridor and currently suffering threats due unsustainable activities, including itinerant agriculture, illegal exploitation of forest products, and uncontrolled fires.

Some parts of these areas are located between Gorongosa National Park and Coutada 12, a strategic area that’s critical for ensuring conservation and connectivity between the two areas. Natural Resource Management Committees, created in communities surrounding Gorongosa National Park and elsewhere in Sofala Province are working toward sustainable forest management, through training, inventories and tracking forest resources.

The first step in the process is to strengthen local community capacity and ask the local people to actively participate in the integrated landscape management. To kick the project off, Natural Resource Management Committees from Nguinha, Nhantaza and Nhazurure engaged in training for the following subjects:

– Forest Inventory

– Assessment – current uses of forest resources

– Land tenure rights by local communities

– Sustainable forest management in the Muanza-Inhaminga Corridor

The training was preceded by a coordinated meeting with Muanza district government officials.

“Empowerment of local communities: Combating illegal timber trade in the Muanza-Inhaminga Corridor” is financed by United Nations for Agriculture, and designed to develop innovative approaches to creating community benefits through sustainable forest practices.

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