Gorongosa Restoration Project, “Instituto de Amêndoas” agree to plant 200,000 cashew trees.

Friday, December 18th, 2020

The Gorongosa Restoration Project and the Institute of Almonds/Nuts of Mozambique signed, in Maputo, a Memorandum of Understanding to create and expand the scope of the cashew value-added chain and contribute to improving the livelihood and income for about 4,000 (four thousand) families living in communities located along the Park buffer zone.

The five-year Memorandum allows the two Parties to carry out the agreement through 3 (three) main strategic lines of action including:
(a) Promotion of cashew culture through organic production;
(b) Processing and adding value by installing a factory that will enhance the full use of cashew;
(c) Technical cooperation between the parties with a focus on producers in the Districts to be covered.

Greg Carr, Presidente do Projecto de Restauração da Gorongosa e Ilídio Afonso Bande, Director Geral do IAM-IP.

‘’Next year, we will plant 200,000 cashew trees, on our way to 2 million,” said Gorongosa Restoration Project President Greg Carr. “Cashew may be the largest industry in our Province and a great new livelihood for ex-combatants and all farm families.’’

The “Instituto de Amêndoas” of Mozambique and the “Instituto de Fomento do Caju”, was created in June 2020, extending the scope of this Institute’s work to almonds and nuts, with particular emphasis on the macadamia nut that is gaining space, strategically representing a a gain for the country.

The institute is responsible for formulating policies for the promotion, production, commercialization, processing, industrialization and export of almonds, and to promote the development of almond/nuts crops in Mozambique.

Mozambique’s global almond/nut market is worth around ninety-two billion dollars.

If you would like more information about this topic or would like to schedule an interview with those involved in the project, please call Vasco Galante at +258 822970010 (WhatsApp) or email vasco@gorongosa.net.

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