EU Ambassador honors local teachers

EU Ambassador Sr. Antonio Sanchez-Benedito Gaspar honored the teachers of the Gorongosa District on Teacher’s Day (Oct. 12) during a visit to EPC Samora Moisés Machel, a school located in Pungue.

Several local teachers were highlighted for their contributions to the local education sector, including using recycled items to create teaching materials. Ten schools from the Gorongosa Buffer Zone participated in the competition.

As he toured classroom displays featuring teaching materials and strategies, Ambassador Gaspar praised local teachers for their dedication and commitment to educating the children of Mozambique and reiterated the European Union’s continued support for Gorongosa National Park.

Improving the quality of teaching, building schools and, above all, creating better conditions for teachers, are just a few of the major challenges facing the District’s education sector.

The Gorongosa Project is working to improve the quality of teaching through its new Teachers Club program and plans to construct 60 new schools in the Park Buffer Zone.

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