Celebrating “My voice, our equal future”

Girls from the Gorongosa Park Buffer Zone celebrated the International Day of the Girl with song, poems, theater, tree planting, sharing their experiences “girl to girl.”

They spoke of their rights and duties, as well as their dreams for the future.

The girls learned about the Park’s environmental conservation, science, health and communication efforts and wrapped up the day by going on a beautiful safari where they saw lions.

High poverty rates and premature marriages force many girls living in the Gorongosa Park Buffer Zone to stop studying.

Nearly 2,000 girls are enrolled in the clubs, which are supported by their respective godmothers and a group of sponsors.

The Clubs Allow local girls to realize their dreams by allowing them to stay in school, develop their skills and prepare for the future by learning to read, write and stay out of premature unions and early pregnancies.

The International Day of the Girl is celebrated every year on October 11 in Gorongosa Park. This year was the first year girls from the different clubs got together to celebrate.

-Post & Photos: Janado Nazare Cher

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