Painted wolf update – NOVA features the Gorongosa packs on PBS.

PBS will feature the painted wolves of Gorongosa National Park during its Fall premier scheduled for Oct. 14 (check local listings for times).

NOVA joins a team of Gorongosa scientists as they reintroduce a top predator to the Park in an effort to restore balance to an entire ecosystem wiped out by war.

Photo credit: Paola Bouley

According to Associate Director Paola Bouley, the Park’s Painted Wolf population is just eight shy of reaching 100 – up from zero two years ago. Of course not all pups survive their first year of life, but her team is seeing strong survival rates inside the Park.

“Tracking the newly introduced packs is critical to understanding their success and role in the ecosystem,” Paola explains. “If all the packs successfully raise cubs this year, we just may pass the 100 mark. Prey is abundant and the living is good!”

Forty-one new pups have been added to the Gorongosa Painted Wolf population so far this year. Twenty-two of the new pups are from the two new packs of Painted Wolves featured in the NOVA segment.

Each pack is GPS collared allowing us to keep daily tabs on the packs.

Each pack is GPS collared allowing Park staff to keep tabs on the painted wolves. A cluster like this is a sign of a den.

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