Join us for a Gorongosa Coffee conversation

You’ve seen their photos, read their social media posts or watched them interviewed countless times.

Now you can interact with scientists, guides, and staff who work at Gorongosa National Park through the Gorongosa Coffee  #CoffeeConversations series as host Larissa Sousa interviews a friend of the park – over coffee, of course! 

Prior guests include world-renown author David Quammen, National Geographic photographers Charlie Hamilton James and Jen Guyton; Gorongosa Project President Greg Carr; Associate Scientist and photographer Piotr Naskrecki, elephant expert Joyce Poole and Gorongosa Elephant Ecology Manager Dominique Gonçalves.

Have a question for one of the guests? Leave it in the comments and you could win a Gorongosa Coffee Trio.

Past shows can be accessed on the Gorongosa Coffee Facebook page.

Sustainable single-serve capsules of Gorongosa Coffee are also now available. The single-serve cups are 100% compostable and the Nespresso-compatible capsules are 100% recyclable and fit in all Original Line machines.

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